Full disclosure – it is purely co-incidental that the majority of artworks and exhibitions in the following two blogs are photographic, it’s totally accidental.

A quick zip on the Eurostar on a frosty London morning saw me arrive in Paris in time for lunch at Café Flore. Now replete and refreshed I was ready for an afternoon of gallery visits. First stop as always in Paris was one of my favourite galleries here, the photographic paradise that is Lumas. During my 6 years in London, each trip to Paris (and there were at least 4 each year) saw me rock up here, eager to see which talents they were showcasing. This time it was the works of Olaf Martens, Werner Pawlok, H.G. Esch and Joerg Maxin that really caught my attention Lumas has outpost galleries in London, Germany and New York and their curatorial eye never disappoints.

In Heaven at Lumas Gallery

Through the cobbled archway and into the warm beating heart of Vallois Gallery who were exhibiting extremely striking assemblage wall sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle (1958-1964). This is the first time the gallery has collaborated with the Artist’s estate and the works they have selected are landmark pieces, representing key moments in her career, from burgeoning artist, through to her international success as an artist with shows in Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam. With rounds of live ammunition being fired at paintings and viewers invited to throw darts at other works, one can only imagine the fun and fear that her gallery openings must have generated!


Galerie Catherine et André Hug had a visually stunning display of works by the American photographer, Acey Harper. No Limits 2 is his second exhibition at the gallery and continues his interest in capturing acrobats in unexpected places, without makeup, costumes or artificial lighting. Hypnotic!

 Other contemporary art highlights in Paris were:

·      A celebratory exhibition of selected prints from the stable of Galerie Perrotin at the fabulous store Colette on Rue Saint Honore (can’t wait to see who they bring to Art Basel HK in May!)

·      Arno Rafael Minkkinen who uses his own body as the subject in his works at Galerie Arcturus – truly amazing

·      An academically important and non-selling exhibition at Cathiers d’Art of the hugely influential artist, Philippe Parreno

On a more frivolous note, and because it felt so Christmas-y, I stole away for a quick tour of the just opened Cartier exhibition at the Grand Palais and a wonderful wander through the newly rearranged galleries at the Musée d’Orsay – BLISS!